Christian Louboutin And Painting

By | January 3, 2016

Today I would like to show you some combination of beauty . We all know painting stand for beauty , when Christian Louboutin and painting are together , what will happen?

Each fashion season Christian Louboutin puts out a fantastically imaginative lookbook. A personal favorite is Fall 2011, which was inspired by art masterpieces! Peter Lippman creates a modern version out of each painting, and adds a Christian Louboutin into the mix. The result is breathtaking! There seems to be a magical story behind each image!
There’s a lot of controversy with this piece of artwork. The original artwork was intended as a celebration of the end of slavery in France. However, this piece of artwork has been upsetting to many due to how the woman is portrayed. To make matters worse, they took this very controversial painting and used it to advertise shoes. While beautiful, this one is a bit strange to me as it’s the only one of a minority, and the clothing is a stark difference of all the other pieces.
It’s interesting to see how the interpretation of beauty has changed over time. Tastes in physical beauty, and clothes are constantly changing!
Do you feel the charm of the combination ? Nobody does a sexy shoe better than Christian Louboutin. It’s not just the irresistible glossy red bottoms, the design of the shoes are undeniably provocative. Each shoe is a thing of beauty.
Christian Louboutin once said that “every girl who loves beauty should have at least seven pairs of shoes, like the seven deadly SINS. One pair for fun, one pair for flirting , one pair for work, one pair for holiday , one pair for loving time, one pair never wore and one pair of you don’t like it. Own a pair of shoes which don’t like, dress can remind yourself don’t need always be perfect. ” Go ahead and find your seven pairs!

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